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Library News

May 03, 2016

Library Staff at AMICAL’s Conference in Rome in May

Mr. Rachid Zegrane (Systems Librarian & Technical Coordinator), Mr. Aziz El Hassani (Multimedia Librarian) and Ms. Hanae Kalla (Library Assistant) will attend the 13th AMICAL… Read more...
Apr 25, 2016

Honoring AUI Authors

Mohammed VI library is pleased to invite you to attend the Forty-Fourth Edition of Honoring AUI Authors featuring Prof. Bob A. Rabboh who will presenting his latest publication:… Read more...
Mar 25, 2016

Get articles from ScienceDirect through Document Delivery

Mohammed VI Library is pleased to announce a subscription to the ScienceDirect ArticleChoice as document delivery service. For more on DDS please go to… Read more...

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