Paul Love

  I am originally from Nashville, Tennessee in the United States. I received my PhD from the University of Michigan (2016) in Near Eastern Studies, with a specialization in Arabic and Islamic Studies. My research focuses on two main areas: the history of Ibadi Muslim communities in northern Africa and the Arabic-Islamic manuscript tradition. I joined AUI in Fall 2016 and I live in Ifrane with my wife Sarah, my daughters Sophia and Julia, and my cat Hannibal.

Research interests and expertise

Northern African (Maghribi/Saharan) History; Islamic Studies; Arabic Studies; Book and Print history; Manuscript Studies; Intellectual Networks; Colonial Knowledge Production.


Additional publications are available on my research blog:

Topics for Suppervision

I would be delighted to supervise projects dealing with the history and culture of pre-modern northern Africa or western Asia, as well as all topics related to both the history and contemporary lived experience and practice of Islam across the globe. If prospective or current students would like suggestions for topics, they should feel free to send me an e-mail or stop by my office. Likewise, students interested in developing a project that intersects with my own research are welcome to contact me about potential collaboration.

Courses Taught - Undergraduate

  • History of the Arab World
  • Islamic Societies, History of Algeria
  • Text Mining (co-taught)
  • International History (1914-Present)
  • Culture & Politics of Islamic Manuscripts in North Africa and the Sahara.

Courses Taught - Graduate

  • History of Algeria
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Ottoman Egypt
  • Culture & Politics of Islamic Manuscripts in North Africa and the Sahara
  • History of North Africa.