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Faculty Bio for Said Ouboumerrad

Said Ouboumerrad

School - Language Center Employment Status - Full-Time Office - Building 8, Office No. 113 Office hours - TBA Office extension - (+212) 535-862-455
Said Ouboumerrad is a Full-time Lecturer at the Language Center of Al Akhawayne University in Ifrane. He received his Masters’ degree in Applied Language Studies and Research in Higher education. He holds a Cambridge Certificate of English Language Teaching (CELTA) as well as two bachelor’s degrees in Pedagogy and General Linguistics from the Faculty of Educational Sciences and the Faculty of Letters and Humanities, Mohamed V University, respectively. His journey as a language instructor began in 2011, and his passion for the profession has significantly grown since. His research interests include Disability Management, Psychometrics in Higher Education, Inclusion, Applied Linguistics, Educational Policy and Planning. His practice, besides teaching, focuses on identifying administrative, pedagogical and environmental barriers impeding minority students’ active participation in higher education. One of his long-term objectives is to devise pedagogical interventions and assessment models aimed to reduce disparities in tertiary contexts. On a personal level, he is an avid learner with a sheer interest in art and history, but most importantly, an advocate of equity and social justice for students with disabilities.