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Undergraduate Admissions

Admissions & Aid

Applying to AUI's Undergraduate Admissions program?

Embrace the exciting journey of higher education

Freshmen, transfer, and visiting students who are interested in applying can begin the admissions process by filling out AUI's online application form.

AUI makes the admissions process simple and straightforward by providing detailed guidance on how to construct required documents, how to submit them timely, and what other steps need to be taken in order to secure admission into one of AUI’s many undergraduate programs.

AUI strives to make quality education available for all eligible applicants and is proud to offer its applicants programs of unparalleled excellence.

World-class education

Our rigorous admission process helps ensure that only exceptional students are accepted

Freshmen at AUI Campus Ifrane Marocco

Begin Your Journey at Al Akhawayn University Admissions

Welcome to Al Akhawayn University, where academic excellence and transformative experiences await. Our admissions process is designed to identify and welcome outstanding students ready to engage with our dynamic academic community. Explore the pathways to joining us and start shaping your future today.


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Transfer to AUI Campus Ifrane Marocco


Individuals interested in applying for transfer must have completed at least one year of college-level course work, with a minimum of 30 credits earned from an English instructed university and maintaining a grade point average above 2.5 / 4.0 as well as being in good standing with their current educational establishment prior to application review - including an online interview if necessary.

Those who do not meet these requirements may still be considered for general admission but are ineligible for the Transfer Program but can be considered semitransfers.

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Undergraduates Visiting AUI Campus Ifrane Marocco


Visiting or non-degree students looking to enroll in the summer session are expected to take a maximum of six credits, while fall and spring semesters require enrolment for no less than nine but not more than 15.

Graduate visiting applicants must be limited up to 12 credits during those two semesters. Preapproval should be acquired from their home institution first before registering any courses as an official visitor at our facilities. All candidates seeking admission will have undergone successful online interviews (when applicable) whilst being in good standing with their previous educational establishments.

Applicants must comply with certain academic requirements in order for their application to become regular status. Additionally, if an undergraduate student wishes to enroll in a graduate course they will need permission from the instructor and dean of that school first.

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Undergraduate Freshmen Non- Degree Seeking

Undergraduate Freshmen Non- Degree Seeking

AUI offers an introduction to higher education with its Freshmen Non-Degree Seeking Status, providing a pathway for recent high school graduates wishing to explore the University without pursuing a degree.

No formal admission process or entrance requirements are required in order to enroll as such; however, regular admission is not guaranteed and prospective students should refer to the appropriate procedures if wanting more permanent enrollment at AUI.

Freshmen students not seeking a degree at AUI are welcome to take up to 15 semester credit hours per term, on a seat-available basis. While these students do not qualify for scholarships or financial aid and must follow prerequisites in their courses of choice, they can continue beyond two semesters with successful completion by applying as degree-seeking individuals.

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Undergraduate Admissions Process AUI University

Admissions Process

At Al Akhawayn University, we seek students with exceptional academic records. Our comprehensive admission process includes a systematic interview, the General Admission Test (GAT) for assessing analytical skills, and Personal Essays that delve into the candidate's intellectual and personal compatibility with our university's ethos.


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Undergraduate Admissions Tuition and Fees AUI University

Tuition and Fees

The pursuit of education is an investment in your future. Our Board of Trustees reviews tuition and fees on a yearly basis, so you can trust that the costs associated with attending our institution are up to date. All pricing information will be provided exclusively in Moroccan Dirhams (MAD).

Al Akhawayn University welcomes new students to their vibrant academic community with an initial fee of 40,380 MAD that covers tuition and common fees. Additionally, orientation fees (2500 MAD), cash wallet (200 MAD) and a deposit for reimbursement at the end of studies (3000 MAD) must be paid only during the first semester; while 1000 MAD are due towards test expenses before enrolment is complete.

Tuition and fees are not the only costs associated with studying at this institution. In addition to those outlays, students should prepare for books costing 3000 MAD, insurance of 550 MAD and printing expenses amounting to 100 MAD which brings their total necessary expenses up to 3650 MAD.

Aid and Scholarships

Find a myriad of aid and scholarship opportunities to provide the financial support you need.

Living at AUI Ifrane


• Undergraduate students seeking financial aid must complete an application form and submit the required documents.

• The Financial Aid Office reviews applications and verifies that all documents are authentic. Applicants should be aware of any additional requirements.

• Applications are reviewed by the University Financial Aid Committee, who will communicate a grant decision through email or the student's personal account.

• Non-financial aid students may apply after completing 30 credits and with good academic standing (minimum GPA requirement depends on level). However, special cases of 'force majeure' may only be considered when the student's CGPA is at least 3.00/4.00 for undergraduates and 3.50/4.00 for graduates.

• Special permission is needed for students with need-based grants to get a single room.

AUI Center for learning Excellence

Grants, Loans and Jobs

A grant is offered to supplement a family's maximum financial effort. It is disbursed on a very limited basis and in a variety of amounts based on need and/or on academic merit. Only Moroccan students are eligible for financial aid.

A grant is a need-based aid that does not need to be repaid. It is awarded to both undergraduate and graduate students. Students must demonstrate financial need and provide parental data to be considered for these funds. The grant award is determined on the basis of parents' income and asset information the student provides to the Financial Aid Office as well as on his/her academic profile. It is awarded for a maximum of eight enrolling semesters. A grant is not available during summer sessions.

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AUI first year experience program


A scholarship is a merit-based offer awarded to newly admitted undergraduate students that do not need to be repaid.

A student's academic achievement determines his/her eligibility for the scholarship and the amount to be awarded regardless of his/her financial need. Most awards for undergraduates are made only during the fall session.

Undergraduate scholarship beneficiaries are eligible for Al Akhawayn scholarships for a maximum of nine enrolling semesters (or eight semesters plus two summer sessions) including one semester at the Language Center.

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AUI Students

Sibling Discount

The University offers a 5,000 MAD discount on the fees of a regular semester (Fall and Spring) for each additional sibling of a student currently enrolled or already graduated from AUI.

In order to apply for the sibling discount, the candidate has to complete the Sibling Discount Form and submit it to the Office of Financial Aid before the registration period for Fall or Spring semesters.

The sibling discount is not available during the Summer session.

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AUI Health Center Ifrane

Alumni’s Child’s Discount

The University offers a 10,000 MAD discount on the fees of a regular semester (Fall and Spring) for each alumni’s child enrolled at AUI. This discount is offered only to our students who obtained their degrees at AUI. It is not offered to those who were enrolled for a limited number of semesters and then left AUI without a degree.

In order to apply for the alumni’s child discount, the candidate has to complete the Alumni Child’s Discount Form and submit it to the Office of Financial Aid before the registration period for the Fall or Spring semesters. This discount is not available during the Summer session.

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AUI Excellence Awards for Continuing Deserving Students

Excellence Awards for Continuing Deserving Students

In order to encourage sustainable excellence, the University offers some scholarships as Excellence Awards to its continuing students in recognition of their academic excellence. These scholarships are offered to undergraduate continuing deserving students with excellent academic profiles based on their high CGPA, the number of credits earned and the availability of funds. They are granted in the form of partial tuition waivers considering budget constraints. However, they do not cover any course the beneficiary may drop during the semester of the offer. 

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Undergraduate Admissions The First Year Experience Program AUI University

The First Year Experience Program

To ensure student success and to fulfill the university's mission, Student Affairs has developed an enriching first-year experience (FYE) program.

This comprehensive initiative offers a variety of courses designed for academic growth, supportive residential experiences, career development workshops and engaging events throughout the year.

The First-year Experience (FYE) program works to ensure a successful transition for incoming freshmen, equipping them with an understanding of liberal arts education concepts, diversity and academic integrity. Additionally, it provides resources to promote their success while enriching the residential life experience. Ultimately this prepares students for fulfilling career planning in the future.


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