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Students may apply as transfers, visiting students or take classes for enrichment regardless of their intended career path. As a transfer student, prior college credits are welcomed and accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Visiting students seeking admission may apply with satisfactory college credentials from other schools, so course credit is eligible for transfer into the respective program at AUI University.

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AUI university General Admission Conditions

General Admission Conditions

Pursuing a graduate degree often requires an extensive level of commitment and preparation. To be accepted into such a program, certain requirements must be met.

Candidates should possess or have equivalent to a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, demonstrate strong academic standing in their chosen field with a 'B' average at the upper-level (junior/senior) as well as any prior post-secondary courses taken, evidence potential for succeeding in pursuit of further study, and obtain approval from the Admissions Committee after possible interview(s).

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Transfer to AUI University Morocco


Transfer students seeking admission to an AUI graduate program must exhibit a minimum GPA of 3.0 on the 4-point grading scale and maintain good standing at their home institution.

To fulfil degree requirements for admission, up to 12 semester credits are eligible for transferability; however, any course with a grade below 'C' will not qualify for credit transfer.

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AUI welcomes applications from students in good standing at other colleges or universities and offers visiting status for Summer sessions as well as the longer Fall/Spring semesters.

Those hoping to convert to regular admission after one semester are required to fulfil all general education requirements pertaining to their academic program.

Visiting graduate students must enroll for a minimum of 9 credits with a maximum of 12 (including labs) during Fall and Spring, respectively or 6 credits during Summer session. Former AUI students do not qualify automatically under transient or non-degree status regulations.

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Graduates with a bachelor’s degree (or the equivalent, i.e. Licence) from recognized colleges and universities may apply for admission to graduate study at AUI. Admission is very competitive. Candidates for admission must provide evidence of superior academic performance. Each school has a graduate admissions committee to evaluate applicants for acceptance to graduate programs. Each committee is chaired by its Dean and composed of faculty members from the school.

Students who meet all academic conditions are accepted to a degree program with regular status. Those whose background does not include the specific requirements for a given graduate program may need to take undergraduate foundation courses prior to accessing regular graduate courses.

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Tuition and Fees AUI Ifrane Marocco University

Tuition and Fees

The pursuit of education is an investment in your future. Our Board of Trustees reviews tuition and fees on a yearly basis, so you can trust that the costs associated with attending our institution are up to date. All pricing information will be provided exclusively in Moroccan Dirhams (MAD).

Al Akhawayn University welcomes new students to their vibrant academic community with an initial fee of 38,4600 MAD that covers tuition and common fees. Additionally, orientation fees (160 MAD), cash wallet (200 MAD) and a university deposit (3000 MAD) must be paid only during the first semester; while 1000 MAD are due towards test expenses before enrolment is complete.

Tuition and fees represent only a portion of the overall costs associated with studying at this institution. In addition to these expenditures, students should budget for books, totaling 3000 MAD, insurance costs of 550 MAD, and printing expenses amounting to 100 MAD. These additional factors bring the total necessary expenses to 3650 MAD.

Aid and Scholarships

Find a myriad of aid and scholarship opportunities to provide the financial support you need.

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• Graduate students seeking financial aid are required to fill out the financial aid application form and provide the required documents.

• The Office of Financial Aid reviews applications and ensures all documents are submitted, then establishes a plan for each student.

• Due to limited funds, most forms of aid are awarded to those with files completed timely and accurately.

• The grant decision is communicated by e-mail or personal account.

• Continuing students enrolled without financial aid may apply for a need-based grant after completing 12 credits at Al Akhawayn, contingent on good academic standing.

• Students with need-based grants may receive single rooms in exceptional circumstances with special permission from the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

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Grants, Loans and Jobs

A grant is offered to supplement a family's maximum financial effort. It is disbursed on a very limited basis and in a variety of amounts based on need and/or on academic merit. Only Moroccan students are eligible for financial aid.

A grant is a need-based aid that does not need to be repaid. It is awarded to both undergraduate and graduate students. Students must demonstrate financial need and provide parental data to be considered for these funds.

The grant award is determined on the basis of parents' income and asset information the student provides to the Financial Aid Office as well as on his/her academic profile. It is awarded for a maximum of four enrolling semesters. A grant is not available during summer sessions.

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Investor AUI


A scholarship is a merit-based offer awarded to newly admitted graduate students that does not need to be repaid.

A student's academic achievement determines his/her eligibility for the scholarship and the amount to be awarded regardless of his/her financial need. Awards are made for the fall and spring sessions.

Graduate beneficiaries are eligible for Al Akhawayn scholarships for a maximum of four enrolling semesters, including one semester at the Language Center.

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AUI Students

Sibling Discount

The University offers a 5,000 MAD discount on the fees of a regular semester (Fall and Spring) for each additional sibling of a student currently enrolled or already graduated from AUI.

In order to apply for the sibling discount, the candidate has to complete the Sibling Discount Form and submit it to the Office of Financial Aid before the registration period for Fall or Spring semesters. The sibling discount is not available during the Summer session.

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AUI Health Center Ifrane

Alumni’s Discount for Student Graduating from AUI

For AUI graduates, admitted students can benefit from a 10% tuition discount and an additional 20% discount based on the student’s academic records, two letters of recommendation from the school’s faculty members, and the appreciation of the dean.

They should complete the discount form (downloadable for the AUI website) and send it to their school along with the required documents stated above before the set deadline. Students benefiting from a full external fund or sponsorship are not eligible to receive this offer.

This discount is also applicable to continuing students enrolled in the combined program at SSE and SHSS regardless of their CGPA. Moreover, it goes towards tuition only.

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