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International Admissions

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If you are not a Moroccan citizen but currently reside in Morocco, Al Akhawayn University considers you an international student.

For those living outside the country, candidates with impressive academic records may be eligible for direct admission upon having spent two years at an international institution abroad prior to application.

To ensure the timely processing of applications and all associated documents/scores, please submit them well before their deadlines via our Office of Admissions and Outreach.

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International Freshmen AUI University

International Freshmen

Highly motivated international freshmen may gain direct admission to our institution when they demonstrate a superior academic history and participate in an online interview, where applicable.

To ensure success for those whose language of instruction was not English, we require results from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Plus, all applicants have the opportunity to determine their optimal course placement through specialized writing tests for Arabic French and/or English.

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International Transfer & Provisional Transfer AUI University

International Transfer & Provisional Transfer

General Admission Conditions

To apply for a transfer, the candidate must have:

  • Completed at least one year of college-level coursework.
  • Earned at least 30 credits or above in a recognized University where all instruction was in English.
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 grading scale and being in good standing with their home institution.
  • Successful interview, where applicable
  • Applicants who do not meet the 30 credit hour and/or 2.5 Cumulative GPA are not considered for transfer. They follow the same admission procedure for the first time entering freshmen.
  • However, after admission, they may be considered for Provisional Transfer

Applicants must provide the application file with all post-secondary school records.

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Internationals Non-Degree - Visiting AUI University

Internationals Non-Degree - Visiting

General Admission Conditions

Visiting or non-degree status requires that the candidate enroll for no more than six credits during the summer session or for a minimum of nine credits but no more than 15 for either the fall or spring semesters. Graduate visiting students are limited to no more than 12 credits during the fall or spring semester. Applicants are strongly advised to seek preapproval from the home institution for the courses in which they intend to enroll as a visiting student.

Visiting admission is based on the following:

1 - Candidates for visiting applications must be in good standing with their home institution.

2 - Completion of a successful interview, where applicable.

Important notes:

  • Admission to the university with a non-degree-seeking status does not guarantee automatic access to regular status upon application.
  • Former Al Akhawayn students do not automatically qualify for visiting or non-degree status.
  • Converting from non-degree seeking or visiting status to regular status requires that the candidate meets the academic requirements for entry into the program. Undergraduate visiting students wishing to enroll in graduate-level courses must obtain permission from the relevant course instructor and the dean of the school.
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Tests at AUI University Morocco


International candidates with good academic achievements may be granted direct admission.

In this case, they should have spent at least the last two years of high school in an international institution outside Morocco.

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International Students Aid and Scholarships AUI University

International Students Aid and Scholarships

Graduate candidates admitted to the Master of Arts in International Studies and Diplomacy (MAISD), the North African and Middle Eastern Studies (NAMES) or the Master of Arts in Islamic Studies (MAIS) programs can receive a merit-based scholarship by completing the Graduate Scholarship Form and submitting it to the Financial Aid Office before the following set deadlines:

  • 31 May for the Fall semester
  • 31 October for the Spring semester
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Tuition and Fees

Readying for the Fall and Spring semesters is a financial responsibility that can be both exciting and intimidating. To ease this burden, we provide our students with reliable estimates of applicable fees each academic year to keep them informed of cost implications - all subject to change at the discretion of our Board  Trustees.

These include tuition (50.400 MAD), housing (5880 MAD), cash wallet/restaurant access (8500 MAD), registration charges (5100 MAD), semester insurance costs (550 Mad) as well as other necessary expenditures such as book estimates of 3000 MAD, 1000 MAD for test fees, 3000 MAD for university deposit, 160 MAD for orientation fee, 200 MAD for the ID card and 100 MAD as a print fee, taking into account the grand total estimated expenditure of 77.790 MAD.

International Admissions The First Year Experience Program AUI University

The First Year Experience Program

To ensure student success and to fulfill the university's mission, Student Affairs has developed an enriching first-year experience (FYE) program.

This comprehensive initiative offers a variety of courses designed for academic growth, supportive residential experiences, career development workshops and engaging events throughout the year.

The First-year Experience (FYE) program works to ensure a successful transition for incoming freshmen, equipping them with an understanding of liberal arts education concepts, diversity and academic integrity. Additionally, it provides resources to promote their success while enriching the residential life experience. Ultimately this prepares students for fulfilling career planning in the future.

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