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Step out of your comfort zone

Immerse yourself in global experiences that will shape you as a person

The Office of International Programs (OIP) strives to expand the university's international reach, connecting students and faculty with valuable global opportunities while fostering a culture of understanding.

It is dedicated to coordinating educational programs abroad as well as cultivating strong connections between the university and other top institutions around the world - broadening perspectives through meaningful experiences that contribute toward fulfilling its mission.

Internationalization is a living concept that evolves with the participation of every administrative and academic entity. The Office of International Programs strategically unites existing resources to create an infrastructure for enriching global learning opportunities - from intercultural engagement initiatives to comprehensive education experiences abroad.

Incoming Students

AUI is enthusiastic about welcoming international students to pursue the educational opportunities available. For those seeking credit-bearing programs there are three options from which to choose. 

Ifrane Morocco AUI International Students

Degree-Seeking: Obtain a Bachelor’s or Master's degree from AUI

Al Akhawayn is a prestigious university that serves as an international hub for scholars. With dual Moroccan and American accreditations, AUI offers myriad opportunities to access high-caliber education - with dedicated scholarship programs regularly made available across the globe.

AUI International Students

Non-Degree Seeking:  Study abroad programs (including exchange)

Interested in experiencing life at AUI for a semester? It may be possible with the exchange programs available to those already enrolled in degree-seeking institutions. Check out any existing arrangements your home university has made, and contact the study abroad advisor/coordinator for more information.

AUI International Students Ifrane Maroc

Non-Degree Seeking: Independent visiting students

Looking to study abroad at AUI for a semester or summer? Talk with your Study Abroad coordinator/advisor to determine if there is an agreement in place between the two institutions. If not, you can still make it happen! Connecting international offices and expressing interest through a letter of nomination from your international officer could be all that's needed.

Outgoing students

AUI is enthusiastic about welcoming international students to pursue the educational opportunities available. For those seeking credit-bearing programs there are three options from which to choose. 

AUI Outbound students

Outbound students

AUI students take advantage of the wealth of learning opportunities available through study abroad programs. Exploring unfamiliar cultures and challenging themselves to adapt can open up doors for personal growth, extending far beyond traditional educational boundaries.

AUI Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

AUI students have the extraordinary opportunity to shape their worldview through studying abroad. These experiences open up a world of chance and allow them to explore unseen paths, ultimately broadening their horizons for an even brighter future!

AUI Credit Transfer Grades and Transcripts

Credit Transfer, Grades and Transcripts

Studying abroad can be a rewarding experience that imparts knowledge and global insights as well as credits! Through our study-abroad partnerships with other institutions, AUI ensures your academic journey will not go unrecognized.

Presidential Internship Program

Reach out and network with top tier liberal arts college graduates from across the globe

A Network of leading minds

The Presidential Internship Program (PiP) at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane provides a unique opportunity for recent graduates worldwide to gain valuable professional experience, and learn about Moroccan culture and language, all while working in the stunning Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

The program was launched in 2016 with an array of full-time positions available within various departments across the university, tailored to match interns' personal interests and qualifications. PiP offers participants not only invaluable vocational training but also life-enriching experiences that last far beyond their stay on campus.

The Presidential Internship Program offers an excellent opportunity for foreign graduates who have completed their undergraduate degree outside of Morocco. This unique internship gives individuals the chance to explore Ifrane and experience Middle Eastern culture together with its language in a professional setting - all while enjoying some great perks!

Internationalization Outcomes

Internationalization supports student growth in three key areas: Diversity, Leadership, and Autonomy

Ifrane AUI International Students


At AUI, we recognize the power of inclusion and support for individuals from a wide range of backgrounds.

By fostering an environment where everyone is welcome, regardless of age, nationality, disability status or religion among other characteristics; our campus community can work together to promote understanding while challenging inappropriate behavior in others.

AUI International Students Ifrane


Successful leadership starts with the ability to recognize, foster and utilize individual strengths.

By creating a culture of collaboration and empowerment among all members towards an inspiring goal or vision, leaders can effectively communicate roles while working together for long-term success.

AUI International Students Morocco


Those looking to take control of their own destiny have the power to do so through exercising autonomy.

Understanding the implications and stakes of decisions, being actively involved in problem-solving, and relying on available resources are all essential steps for empowerment.

Facts and figures

Al Akhawayn University Stands Out Among Its Peers With Impressive Numbers And Achievements


International partner universities in 86 countries


Graduating students spent at least one semester abroad


Faculty are internationals


Graduates Working in Morocco and 20 Countries

Working together on a global scale

Share your knowledge with students around the world

Global Affiliations

AUI's commitment to its international mission has seen it forge a number of strategic affiliations with higher education networks around the world. Through mutually-beneficial Memorandums of Understanding and various avenues for collaboration, these partnerships enable exchange between AUI students, faculty, and staff. As such, solid foundations are laid for collective growth that span across borders.

Partner universities

AUI proudly partners with some of the world's most renowned universities, including UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Haverford College, University of Washington, Boston College, University of San Diego, George Washington University, Sciences PO, Paris, Copenhagen Business School, Korea University, Bentley University, and Pitzer College.

Partnerships and Collaborations map

Institutional Memberships & Networks

AUI and its various units participate in many organizations related supportive of specific program areas and overall quality assurance and improvement. The following list includes many of these organizations: Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD), American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), American Institute of Maghrebian Studies (AIMS), American International Consortium of Academic Libraries (AMICAL), American Marketing Association (AMA), American Society for Training & Development (ASTD), Arab Water Council (AWC), Association of American International Colleges and Universities (AAICU), Association of International Educators (NAFSA), Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA), Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), College Board Consortium of Independent Colleges (CIC), EuroMed Permanent University Forum (EPUF), Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI), European Association for International Education (EAIE), European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), Global Engineering Dean's Council (GEDC), Global Liberal Arts Alliance (GLAA), Institute for International Education (IIE), International Association of University Presidents (IAUP), International Studies Association (ISA), Middle East and North Africa-Innovative Users' Group (MENA/IUG), Middle East North Africa Association for Institutional Research (MENA-AIR), Middle East Studies Association (MESA), Overseas Association for College Admission Counseling (OACAC), The Academy of Business in Society (EABIS), The Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow (ABEST21), United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNACO).

Faculty, Staff and Researchers

A collective powerhouse in their respective fields

AUI first year experience program

Faculty-led and custom programs

Through AUI, students have the unique opportunity to collaborate with their peers and a faculty mentor on an approved educational program. This interactive learning environment allows them to gain valuable knowledge while deepening their understanding of existing theories in the field.

Faculty members interested in leading an abroad program need to work with their International Office before seeking further assistance from Al Akhawayn's esteemed Office of International Programs or a faculty member at AUI. This office is uniquely suited for aiding programs through the logistics and budgeting process, ensuring successful collaboration between institutions worldwide.

Living at AUI Ifrane

Visiting Researchers

Al Akhawayn University celebrates the invaluable impact of visiting researchers and has implemented streamlined processes to facilitate affiliations with no prior contact. From seasoned experts to those just beginning their journey in research, AUI is proud to be a home away from home for scholars looking to make lasting contributions to the academic community.

To become a visiting researcher at AUI, contact an appropriate sponsor for your research journey. If you do not have one, the Office of International Programs can provide guidance and arrange necessary approvals from individual schools - currently, all researchers must have a designated sponsor who will oversee their stay on campus.

AUI security Ifrane

Al Akhawayn Faculty & Staff Resources

Faculty members have the chance to expand their horizons, both professionally and personally. Connect with peers by accessing resources and initiatives provided by schools or even dip into international classroom experiences! For details on these opportunities, reach out to your dean as well as keeping an eye open for announcements issued by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Staff members who would like to explore international opportunities have the option of participating in a shadow program. This requires planning ahead and meeting associated costs, such as airfare, but can offer an invaluable experience lasting one to two weeks at another higher education institution abroad.


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