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Honors Program

Al Akhawayn Honors Program

The University Honors Program offers an innovative educational experience that cultivates a vibrant intellectual community of ethical, creative and critical thinkers.

Through interdisciplinary seminars and research-oriented classes, the program invites students to explore new ideas, think outside the box and challenge themselves in their learning journey.

Undergraduates can take advantage of exciting initiatives such as the University’s Undergraduate Research Program - URP - and the Honors Program, an enriching weekly seminar that stimulates creative thinking through a deep exploration of diverse concepts like humanity or globalization in an interactive format.

Values and learning outcomes

Valuable skills are the foundation of successful learning

Honors Program Ethical


Through the UHP program, our learners have an opportunity for personal growth that develops self-awareness around ethical considerations both locally and on a global scale.

Honors Program Academic curiosity creativity and rigor

Academic Curiosity, Creativity and Rigor

Honors students are encouraged to cultivate their natural curiosities while carefully adhering to ethical standards of learning, becoming inspiring innovators driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

AUI Honors Program Interdisciplinary


Completion of the UHP equips Honors students to confidently exercise their own judgement and critical thinking when facing challenges, gaining a deeper understanding of various disciplines.

AUI University Retention and Completion

Retention and Completion

Honors students at Al Akhawayn's University are actively engaged in their learning, mastering the ability to apply theoretical concepts and engage practically with complex tasks.

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Take your career to the next level and join our honors program

Engage in interdisciplinary seminars, explore research-oriented classes, and build an intellectual community of students. All while cultivating ethical thinking, creativity and independent critical analysis skills.


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