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Admissions Office Mission

Admission & Outreach Services for students and parents

Competition to study at AUI is high and so only high school students and bachelor degree holders with outstanding academic backgrounds are admitted.

We inform students and their parents about admission requirements, financial aid, and educational opportunities available at AUI. In addition, our mission is to recruit a diverse student population and to process, evaluate, and notify applicants with an admission decision in July for Fall semester, and in December for Spring semester.

Acceptance is contingent upon maintaining the standard of academic performance upon which admission was based.

Financial Aid

Making higher education more accessible

The Financial Aid Office is committed to assisting qualified students, new and continuing, in obtaining financial aid resources in order to achieve their academic goals and meet their financial obligations to the university through a range of scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study employment based on their academic excellence and financial need.

The Financial Aid Office is dedicated to providing high-quality service in a fair, sensitive, and confidential environment to all applicants, regardless of background, culture, or lifestyle.

The Financial Aid Office strives to uphold the highest degree of professionalism, confidentiality, honesty, and integrity; embrace emerging technologies; and work collaboratively with all areas of the university. We recognize that only together we can achieve our common goal to enhance enrollment, retention, and the academic success of our students.

The Financial Aid Office cannot guarantee scholarships, grants, or loans to fulfill the needs of every qualified applicant. The aid offer depends on the availability of funds the university receives from sponsors, individuals, etc.


Our admissions team is dedicated to helping you

Amine Kendoussi AUI

Admissions & Outreach Manager



Mohammed Amine Kendoussi
Nadia Benkhadda AUI

Admissions & Outreach Officer



Nadia Benkhadda
Mohamed Atti AUI

Senior Admissions & Outreach Officer



Mohamed Atti
Loubna Belhirch AUI

Senior Admissions & Outreach Officer



Loubna Belhirch
Mohamed Amine Lmortaji AUI

Senior Admissions & Outreach Officer



Mohamed Amine Lmortaji
Hajiba Madane AUI

Senior Admissions & Outreach Officer



Hajiba Madane
Mohamed Nassim Admissions AUI

Admissions Assistant



Mohamed Nassim
Youssef Rachidi AUI

Admissions Assistant



Youssef Rachidi
Sifeddine Ijaouten AUI

Senior Admissions & Outreach Officer



Sifeddine Ijaouten
Imane Nkhila AUI

Senior Admissions & Outreach Officer


Imane Nkhila