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AUI is home to a variety of specialized research centers and units dedicated to fostering excellence.

The Center for Learning Excellence (CLE) promotes the growth mindset, while the Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) facilitates the delivery of innovative and effective teaching and learning experiences through an array of technical services. For those focused on women’s empowerment, there's Hillary Clinton's eponymous center designed specifically with this mission at heart.

Additionally, AUI offers writing advice through its Writing Center as well as Social Science Research Institute’s initiatives; meanwhile Politics and International Studies Research Unit (PISRU), along with the Human and Economic Development Research Unit (HEDRU), provide insight into areas such as foreign affairs or human capital dynamics respectively.

Center for Learning Excellence AUI University

Center for Learning Excellence

The Center for Learning Excellence plays a vital role in helping students reach their full potential.

Through mentor and tutor training and support services that have been designed to maximize student success, we provide our learners with top-notch resources and guidance from start to finish - paving the way toward academic excellence.

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Center for Learning and Teaching AUI University

Center for Learning and Teaching

The Center for Learning and Teaching has taken on a bold endeavor to become the preeminent leader in Morocco dedicatedly focusing on digital transformation in high education.

Our mission is to empower educators through effective technical support, as well as consultation and production services that strengthen their ability to deliver top-notch instruction.

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The Hilary Clinton Centre for Women Empowerment  AUI University

The Hilary Clinton Centre for Women Empowerment

The Hillary Clinton Center for Women's Empowerment is a pioneering hub of gender studies in North Africa, providing education and advocacy on crucial women's rights issues.

Through its enriching program of distinguished speakers, scholars-in-residence, training and conferences plus campus and community engagement activities, HCC empowers those seeking to understand the historical forces shaping today’s discourses around gender.

The center seeks to lay strong foundations in Morocco while driving urgent action throughout all countries across the region.

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Writing Center AUI University

Writing Center

Are you looking to become a better writer and unleash your academic potential? Then the Writing Center at AUI's Center for Learning Excellence is here to help.

Certified tutors are available through their Socratic-style program, enabling students of all levels and disciplines to unlock their writing abilities.

Together they can sharpen skills, foster confidence in expressing ideas on paper, as well as ultimately reach new heights with powerful written words.

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Social Science Research Institute AUI University

Social Science Research Institute

The Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) leads the charge at AUI in coordinating and conducting research endeavors throughout its School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

It strives to provide comprehensive support for any initiatives within Al Akhawayn University, from collaborative activities between schools to on-campus events amongst students.

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Politics and international studies Research Unit AUI University

Politics and international studies Research Unit

The PISRU takes an expansive approach to research, encompassing basic and applied studies in the social sciences as well as other scholarly pursuits.

We are committed to facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations between scholars working on various topics such as Colonialism and Post-Colonialism, Conflict & Security Studies, Governance & Political Participation, International Politics issues related to Migration & Refugees, Linguistic Diversity and its Social Impact, Moroccan Foreign Policy and Politics, the Arab Uprisings and its ensuing effects, not forgetting Theoretical Debates within Domestic politics plus Water Society concerns.

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Human and Economic Development Research Unit AUI University

Human and Economic Development Research Unit

The Human and Economic Development Research Unit of the Social Science Research Institute is an innovative group with diverse perspectives whose mission is to study human behavior and economic progress.

It brings together researchers from Al Akhawayn University as well as experts from outside institutions, all united in their passion for propelling the future of humanity through development studies.

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