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School of Science and Engineering

World-class education

Prepare yourself for success in your professional life

We offer a world-class education that will prepare you to succeed in your career, wherever it takes you.  By the time you graduate from AUI, you will be able to work in three languages: English, French, and Arabic.  Our students interact closely with faculty who have a broad variety of recognized research and international experience.  Through AUI’s small classes, many projects, and emphasis on communication skills, you will be technically proficient, socially responsible, and possess the high ethical character and entrepreneurial spirit expected of tomorrow’s leading professionals.  Your degree from SSE prepares you for graduate studies as well as professional practice.

Employers seek out our students for permanent employment, internships, conventions de stage, and capstone design. AUI students learn to work collaboratively in teams, manage projects, and apply what they learn in the classroom.  They take advantage of opportunities to learn abroad and gain a better cultural understanding and gain wider perspectives.  Our students understand the detail as well as the big picture. SSE graduates work in Morocco and in countries around the globe.

Unlock the power of success at AUI's School of Science and Engineering

Education at the highest level

School of Science and Engineering Vision

Our vision

The School of Science and Engineering will be internationally recognized as the premier English-language engineering school in Morocco serving national and global needs through innovation, partnerships with industry, and international collaboration as a unique community of scholars.

School of Science and Engineering Mission

Our mission

The mission of the School of Science and Engineering is to foster the growth of engineering and scientific knowledge and its application through education, research, and service.


SSE produces graduates with a strong core understanding of basic science, mathematics, and engineering who have the ability to continue learning how to apply this expertise and new knowledge to a wide range of engineering and societal problems.  SSE prepares students to succeed as leaders, professionals, life-long learners, and responsible global citizens.  SSE forms graduates with communication skills that will enable them to work effectively with people from different disciplines and nationalities.  SSE programs will be internationally accredited or certified when possible.


SSE plays a leadership role in the economic and social development of Morocco.  SSE promotes the engineering and science professions by actively interacting with other academic institutions, professional bodies and societies, and the community.


SSE promotes research, scholarship, and creative endeavors and their dissemination in recognized international and national journals and conferences.  SSE encourages undergraduate research and scholarly competitions.  SSE promotes applied research activity with strategic industrial sectors, with an emphasis on R&D and entrepreneurial activities.

School of Science and Engineering Advising


A faculty advisor will assist in degree planning as well as other matters related to the degree being earned. This process helps to ensure that Al Akhawayn students will graduate with their entering class.  Students must obtain written permission from their advisor and coordinator to enroll in each course. The approved schedule is presented during preregistration or registration.

School of Science and Engineering Capstone and Internship

Capstone & Internship

The Capstone project is a project-design course consolidating the information gathered in all previous courses that is taken during the last regular semester of enrollment. The content will vary and will take into account the technical electives and optional engineering courses selected.

School of Science and Engineering Program Sheets

Program Sheets

The School of Science and Engineering program sheets provides insightful guidance for your academic journey, allowing you to plan ahead and make the most out of each course.

Gain invaluable insights into what lies in store so that you can kick off your studies with confidence.

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Bouchra Saad School of Science and Engineering
Bouchra Saad

Administrative Assistant to Dean

Office number: 8
Building: 5
8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Youssef El Mlaki School of Science and Engineering
Youssef El Mlaki

Student Affairs Supporting Coordinator

Office number: 2
Building: 5
8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Abderrahim Boulakrouch

Physics and Engineering Laboratory Technician


Office Number 108 in building 7.


Accreditation is the seal of approval for an institution’s overall excellence.