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Picture of Yousra Chtouki

Yousra Chtouki

School - School of Science and Engineering Employment Status - Full-Time Office - Building 5, Office No. 102 Office hours - TBA Office extension - (+212) 535-863-171
Yousra Chtouki has a bachelor's in computer science from the University of Central Oklahoma with a minor in mathematics, 2001; a master's degree in computer science with a database emphasis from Oklahoma City University USA, 2005; and a Ph.D. in E-Learning and Web services from Ecole Mohammadia d’Ingenieur with honors Rabat, 2017. Taught and worked as a system administrator, where she was exposed to the potential of online content and online education while working as a developer of online learning content for mathematics from 2004 to 2005, then discovered the passion of teaching during the first teaching position at Mercy School in Oklahoma, USA, 2005-2006. Worked as a Volunteer Teacher from 2006 -2011 at Qadi Ayyad School, Larache. Joined AUI in 2008, teaching Computer Science courses: Introduction to Computers, Data Structures, Database Systems, Introduction to python programming and data analysis using python. Main Research Interests are E-learning, educational pedagogies and strategies, and technology for higher education. Data Analysis and machine learning for informed and optimized educational systems. Introduced studio-style teaching and is currently very active in launching undergraduate research within SSE. Dr Chtouki is also working on launching AUI living lab (first outdoor teaching lab for science courses in the region) through the EFP educational farm project launched in spring 2021. Dr Chtouki was able to successfully use programming to make introductory courses for both BA, social sciences, and engineering students more exciting and therefore increased the success rate among freshmen students.