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Picture of Abderrazzak El Boukili

Abderrazzak El Boukili

School - School of Science and Engineering Employment Status - Full-Time Office - Building 8b, Office No. 310 Office hours - TBA Office extension - (+212) 535-863-687
Abderrazzak El Boukili received both the PhD degree in Applied Mathematics in 1995, and the MSc degree in Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing, and Nonlinear Analysis in 1991 at Pierre et Marie Curie University in Paris-France. He received the BSc degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Picardie University in Amiens-France. In 1996, he had an industrial Post-Doctoral position at Thomson-company in France. He worked as a software engineer on bipolar transistors used in radar applications. In 1997, he held a European Post-Doctoral position at the University of Pavia-Italy to work on software development for quantum effects in transistors for mobile phones. In 2000, he was Assistant Professor and Research Engineer at the University of Ottawa, Canada. During 2001-2002, he worked on LASERS at Silvaco Software, Inc. in Santa Clara, California, as Senior Software Developer. Between 2002 and 2008, he was working at Crosslight Software, Inc. in Vancouver-Canada as Senior Software Developer. Since Fall 2008, he is working as Associate Professor of Mathematics at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane-Morocco.