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Al Akhawayn Alumni Association Elects a New Board of Executives

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Al Akhawayn Alumni Association Elects a New Board of Executives

Al Akhawayn Alumni Association (AAA) has recently announced its newly elected members of the Board of Executives (BoE). Since its launch in 1995, over 6,500 alumni have graduated from Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI), creating a strong community-based in Morocco and outside the Kingdom. Thereafter, the Al Akhawayn Alumni Association (AAA) was founded in March 2003 on the initiative of AUI and its graduates. It now counts more than 6,500 members spread across the world. The recent elections took place in March 2022, whereby a new board, elected by AUI alumni, took office on April 2nd, 2022.

The new members of the AAA Board of Executives are:

  • President: Hamza El Meray
  • Vice-President in charge of Communications: Oum Keltoum Nejmi
  • Vice-President in charge of External Relations: Salma Daoudi
  • General Secretary: Soukaina Ouarab
  • Treasurer: Imad Goulhiane
  • Community Happiness Coordinator: Oualid Zazou
  • Chapters Coordinator: Iman Bermaki
  • Clubs Coordinator: Maftaha Benchlikha
  • Communication and Digital Coordinator: Taha Benazoun

The newly elected board has appointed alumnus Samir Lebbar, President and General Manager at P&G North Africa, as their advisor and mentor to support and guide them with their mission.

“We are thankful for the community’s trust and support, and we look forward to building an even stronger community and network through a clear action plan, which is first and foremost based on the cohort’s needs and expectations,” said Hamza El Meray, President of the Al Akhawayn Alumni Association.

“Al Akhawayn's Alumni are an integral part of Al Akhawayn's community and of our pride. The many cross-fertilizations between our alumni and AUI are a testament to the strong bond between the alumni community and its alma matter,” said Dr. Amine Bensaid, President of Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane. “Our alumni community's organizing through a structured association is a precious asset. We certainly look forward to working with the newly elected AAA Board of Executives and to supporting them in their mission.”

The AAA’s main objectives include, but are not limited to:

  • Regrouping AUI alumni from different schools, disciplines, and backgrounds;
  • Developing a strong professional network and growing an environment of collaboration;
  • Establishing multiple partnerships, serving existing alumni and the community overall;
  • Providing a mentorship platform for students and fresh graduates and supporting them in integrating the job market.

About Al Akhawayn Alumni Association:

The Al Akhawayn Alumni Association was founded in March 2003 and is managed by a Board of Executives (BoE) elected every 2 years. The BoE coordinates the activities of the association with the contribution and support of other members as well as AUI’s Alumni Affairs Office. While AAA is an independent Moroccan association, it is recognized by AUI’s Board of Trustees and is considered as an integral part the University.