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Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane's Remarkable Contribution to the World Power to X Summit

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Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane's Remarkable Contribution to the World Power to X Summit

Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) made a significant mark as a platinum partner at the World Power to X Summit, held in Marrakech on September 19th and 20th, 2023. AUI's School of Science and Engineering (SSE), led by Dean Dr. Al Majeed and Associate Professor Dr. Khallaayoun, played a pivotal role, accompanied by a team of engineering faculty and students from the Renewable Energy Systems Engineering (RESE) and Sustainable Energy Management (SEM) Programs.

AUI's participation in the World Power to X Summit was driven by a mission to bridge the gap between academia and industry, forging powerful partnerships that advance the renewable energy landscape, particularly in the realm of Power to X (PtX) Green Hydrogen. As a leading academic institution in the region, AUI recognizes its role as a major stakeholder in developing the capacities required to resolve the pending issues in this field through research and development (R&D).  

Dr. Salah Al Majeed, Dean of School of science and Engineering commented PTX is a revolutionary sector that has long term positive impact on Morocco, the region, and the world. Being part of this summit linking academia and industry to pave the way towards strong involvement incapacity building, research and development, and impactful contributions to the community. It has been a successful summit forAUIers not only sharing what AUI liberal arts is about but also strengthening the university vision in high employability and impactful research.”

AUI's participation in the summit was dynamic and multifaceted. The team actively engaged in various aspects of the event, which included one-on-one discussions and attending technical sessions. This exchange of knowledge andexpertise was instrumental in shaping promising results for the future.

AUI student Reda Makroumshared his thoughts, sayingIt was a truly enriching experience to be part of the WorldPtX Summit. As a student, I had the opportunity to share and promote how AUI is actively contributing to preparing the human capital essential for aseemless energy transition. Furthermore, networking with industry experts and having direct contact with stakeholders has given me a fresh perspective onPtX andit'spotential, and made me very hopeful for the future of this rapidly evolving topic”.

The impact of AUI's engagement at the summit was evident in the promising outcomes achieved. Key achievements included supporting startups in the PtX and green hydrogen sector, attracting major companies to support Ifrane city through its initiatives, integrating industry into its vision, and fostering collaboration in R&D efforts.

AUI's participation also served as a compelling example for other academic institutions to engage with industry and bridge the gap between academia and the corporate world. The university's dedication to fostering these connections exemplifies its commitment to progress.

Participating in the World PTX Summit gave us as faculty the opportunity to engage with industry in order to strengthen our ties in innovative research related to renewable energies and green hydrogen in particular.” Dr. Ahmed Khallaayoun, Associate Professor

AUI also had the privilege of reconnecting with its alumni, who are now leading the sector from various influential positions. This reunion underscored AUI's enduring legacy of producing leaders and innovators who are making a significant impact in the field of renewable energy.

In conclusion, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane's participation in the World Power to X Summit 2023 not only showcased its dedication to innovation and sustainability but also emphasized its pivotal role in bridging the gap between academia and industry. With promising outcomes and a commitment to a greener future, AUI stands as an exemplar for academic institutions worldwide, inspiring a transformational vision for the future. As AUI continues to pioneer change, it remains steadfast in its mission to inspire leading mindsets framed with a lasting impact.