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AUI Students Innovate with Polydesign in Tangier Free Zone

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AUI Students Innovate with Polydesign in Tangier Free Zone

Polydesign Systems in the Tangier Free Zone has requested AUI students extend their Co-Ops (working alternating with classes) on strategic projects in the automotive sector. The Office of Employability hosted 8 students from SSE and SBA to meet with Polydesign leadership in Tangier and discuss the critical projects needing AUI student research assistance.

The engineering and business students who toured the plant said "We like the confidence that the managers have in AUI students, because Polydesign System managers offer their important projects for students to work on, which is not the case in most companies. One of the most fascinating areas is the Department of Innovation..; their freedom when doing the research is a great opportunity for students  to offer brave ideas and watch them implementing the ideas in the factory."

Polydesign's Co-Op Program begins its second year this winter with AUI after a successful start last summer. Summer Projects with AUI students include:

  • Alternative natural animal skin testing for wrapped solutions - Hiba Abou-Zhar, SSE
  • Predicting defects using camera technologies - Oumayma Haberchad, SSE
  • Supply Chain Optimization - Yvan Junior Irambona, SBA

 Polydesign Systems - Exco General Manager- Europe and Morocco, Julianne Furman, AUI Alumni 1996, said: "My team was impressed with AUI students’ abilities to take initiative and be self-starters, and we firmly believe this co-operative approach will equip them with the tools and experience necessary to be able to immediately contribute upon joining the workforce.”

For the continuing winter co-op, Freshman Manal Mrabat will join the Co-Op along with sophomores and juniors transferring from other Northern Region Co-Ops: Rim Et-Tayea-SSE and Dina Baghdad-SBA. 

  • Future projects include....
  • New high-tech functionalities for netting solutions
  • TISAX Cyber Security
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan
  • Re-engineering the flow lines to optimize outputs
  • Job Description Mapping to Determine Decision Authorities

The Office of Employability's student team from SSE joined the tour and discussions: Hind Bertit, Yassine Nail, Abdellah El Ouazzani, Adam Rahda. Their comments were " A trip to Polydesign’s manufacturing plant is definitely worth remembering. They have a high precision workforce associated with advanced technology was simply outstanding. We were honored to interact face to face with members of the Polydesign Executive  team. They had a great vision and were very flexible and adaptable, which was inspiring, and educational."

At the end of the meetings, General Manager Furman said “During our meetings together with AUI students, I was particularly intrigued when AUI's Co-Op students testified that Polydesign’s staff and environment are “kind”. This is just the type of culture, conducive to learning and growth, that we wish to maintain."