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AUI Students, winners of the 2024 Moroccan National Programming Contest

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AUI Team comprised of the 3 contestants: Nabil Boudra, Omer Ismail, and Abderrahmane Hana, won the 23-24 february, the Moroccan National Programming Contest (MNPC) - competing with 58 teams coming from 21 cities and enrolled at 45 institutions of Engineering and Computing - by solving the highest number of Problem Sets: 7 out of 12 with less attempts’ penalties.

·         Gold Medalist: AUI Team “Fat Fouad Transform” solved 7 out of 12 problem sets and won the Cash Prize of 30 000 Dhs

·         Silver Medalist: UM6P Team “UM6P CC AMZ” solved 7 s out of 12problem set and won the Cash Prize of 15 000 Dhs

·         Bronze Medalist: INPT Team ‘ No Name Team’ solved 6 out of 12 problem sets and won the Cash Prize of 9 000 Dhs

Hosted this year at UM6P Benguerir, MNPC is organized by the Moroccan Association for Computing Sciences (MACS) founded and led by AUI alum, Sidi Ali Maelainin. MNPC Trophy and gold medals were handed by both:

·         UM6P representatives: Ali Kettani, Head of College of Computing and Karima Echihabi, Professor at UM6P (and AUI alumna); and

·         MACS Representatives: Sidi Ali Maelainin, MACS Founder / President (and AUI alum), and Asmae EL MAHDI, MACS Secretary General (and AUI Alumna/OIP Programs’ Coordinator)).

AUI has a long tradition of winning the championships; but what is excitingly special this time is that the winning team includes a contestant who is an international student: Omer Ismail from Soudan.