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BrainShoring Team Winner of the Infomineo Research Case Competition

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BrainShoring Team Winner of the Infomineo Research Case Competition

Senior SSE and SBA students Jihane Bouabid (Renewables), Boutaina Elzaizi (CS), Salma Krafessi (EMS), and Maryam Rafik (Finance and Honors Program) joined together to BrainShore. They beat 20 other seniors and graduate students to win 5000 MAD and VIP Job Candidacy during the weekend's Infomineo Research Case Competition on campus.

This SSE+SBA Team, named FUSION, testified "We loved this experience! - we got a glimpse of doing research in the BrainShoring and the global consulting sector -- and won 5000 dhs-- in less than 24 hours!"

Infomineo launched the competition because they are the founder and leader of BrainShoring across the world with offices in Casablanca, Cairo, Mexico City, Barcelona and Dubai. Infomineo hires AUI'rs every month to work and travel around the world. The Research Case Competition was the first ever in the world for Infomineo, hosted at AUI by The Office of Employability.

AUI alumni, Kamal Zaraba, creator of the Case Competition, explained "AUI'rs have an exceptional capacity to analyze the business problem and demonstrate innovative thinking critically. This Summer's winning team showed remarkable precision and accuracy during the Q&A session and effectively utilized key indicators and resources. We were impressed with the Winning Team Fusion's inclusion of details beyond the scope of the requirements. If they were our consultants, they would certainly impress the clients!"

The Competition was open to all seniors, graduate students, and recent graduates because Infomineo wants students to experience what a career in research feels like. For the winning team, FUSION, reflected: "Winning the Infomineo Research Case Competition - the money, the certificate, the VIP Interview treatment -  was a transformative experience that validated our skills, showcased our analytical thinking, and propelled us to new heights of success. We highly recommend everybody participate the next time!"

All 24 participants won the opportunity to "fast-track" the interview with Infomineo by skipping the screening and HR-preliminary steps. The winning team receives a VIP Job Candidacy Track almost guaranteed job offers after the exceptional weekend performance.

The next Infomineo Research Case Competition will be in Fall 2023 on campus and open to all seniors and graduate students.