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ETS Major Field Test (MFT) : Wissal Filali Azhari, a remarkable SBA student has achieved a score in the top 1% worldwide

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Our very own Wissal Filali Azhari, a remarkable SBA student has achieved a score in the top 1% worldwide in the ETS Major Field Test (MFT) this Spring 2024!

Wissal's exceptional accomplishment mirrors the remarkable achievement of Nassima Ait Benichou, who had secured the second-highest score worldwide in the same test on Spring 2023. These achievements stand as shining examples of AUI's commitment to Inspire, Transform, and Impact the lives of our students, empowering them to excel on a global scale.

Moreover, our SBA students have once again surpassed the US averages in various key areas, including Accounting, Economics, Quantitative Business Analysis, Finance, Legal and Social Environment, Information Systems, and International Issues. This remarkable achievement reaffirms the academic excellence fostered within our SBA program and further solidifies AUI's position as a leading institution in higher education.

Here are some notable statistics from the Spring 2024 MFT:

- A record-breaking 160 SBA students participated in the test, marking the largest cohort in the history of the SBA at AUI.
- The average score among our students stands at an impressive 154, with the highest score reaching an outstanding 198 (best score world wide!).
- Wissal's exceptional achievement places her among the top 3% of test takers worldwide, and other SBA students, with 13% scoring in the 95th percentile and 36% in the 70th percentile.

These remarkable results not only highlight the academic prowess of our students but also underscore the dedication and commitment of our faculty members in nurturing talent and fostering a culture of excellence within our university.

For information, the ETS® Major Field Test (MFT) in Business, first administered in 1990, assesses the mastery of concepts, principles and knowledge by graduating Business students. To ensure fairness and content relevance, the test is revised approximately every four to five years. This test serves as a comparative data guide among 1500 universities and colleges. The content of the test includes topics from the following areas: accounting, economics, management, information systems, quantitative business analysis, finance, marketing, legal and social environment and international issues.

Congratulations to Wissal Filali Azhari and all our SBA seniors who have demonstrated exceptional performance in the Spring 2024 ETS Major Field Test. Their achievements are a source of inspiration and pride for our entire university community.