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Infomineo Research Case Competition (IRCC) 2024 – 3 rd Edition held at AUI

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During this past weekend (Friday, 23rd–Sunday, 25th), AUI had the pleasure of hosting the third edition of The Infomineo Research Case Competition organized by the Office of Entrepreneurship and Employability, where students spent almost 48 hours trying to execute a real-world research request.

This time the research scope was "The Semiconductor industry, more specifically GBU chips & AI chips." The event kicked off on Friday, where students got introduced to the company and the team, then received 3-day training that would help with the competition the following day, and finally, the case was presented for the teams to start working.

On Saturday, teams spent the entire day trying to solve the game with the help of the mentors from Infomineo teams who were there to help.

Sunday was presentation day, where teams presented their findings hoping to achieve one of the first 3 spots.

The event has ended with the following teams winning: 

1st Place Novasurge

Hiba Aqqaoui
Rim Ziani
Nour Maski

2nd Place Xplorers

Hiba Aqqaoui
Rim Ziani
Nour Maski

3rd Place Trinity

Zineb Filali
Yousra Souhaili
Zineb Adel