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SBA Students Win over 600 KDHS in Prizes and Awards by Corporate Judges

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SBA Students Win over 600 KDHS in Prizes and Awards by Corporate Judges

AUI proudly announces over 20 awards and prizes from its corporate and association partners across Morocco, Europe, Asia, and the Americas to SBA “Capstone” teams. The prizes and awards are designed to support students to continue into the marketplace, under the theme: “The Next Normal: What do Morocco and Africa Need in a Post-Pandemic World?”

These awards and prizes were announced to a crowd of 350 family and friends and the awardees were selected after a thorough review of students’ reports, plus a day of formal presentations with lively question-and-answer sessions, in front of students, parents, families, and peers. The judges came from Morocco, France, the UK, Portugal, Australia, Palestine, and the United States. Here is a list of the Judges and their companies who were welcomed onto the AUI Campus: 

  • Amal Alami, KUB Consulting  
  • Rami Batshoun, Linkology 
  • Imad Benmoussa, formerly Coca-Cola  
  • Youssef Jemmoua, WuHu 
  • Sadik Hamidi, Yazaki 
  • Nicolas Klotz, DevoTeam 
  • Laura Lin, UN Migration
  • Gilles Reant, HPS 
  • Laura Rigo, Zero Carbon Farms 
  • Khalil Sendid, Immorente 
  • Chiar Tahiry, Bank of Africa 
  • Sanae Tazi, Maroc Numeric Cluster 

The Grand Prize Award includes both expert support to continue their bringing these projects into the Moroccan and African Marketplaces -- AND an international trip. The Grand Prize is a partnership between AUI and EuraTechnology in Lille, France. The prize is an all-expense-paid trip to spend THREE MONTHS in Lille France, hosted by EuraTechnology. Lille is a major city in northern France, an important cultural and commercial hub.  

The all-expense-paid trip includes the FLIGHT, the VISA SUPPORT, the accommodations/lodging, and daily living per diem FOR THREE MONTHS to work in Eura technology’s incubator to take the idea into commercialization. The cash value of this award is 56000 dhs per person, not counting the value of personal coaching and consulting.  

This Grand Prize was awarded to three teams, a total of 10 students. The value of the Grand Prize Award is over 600 KDHS. The Grand Prizes were awarded to:  

  • BORSA – Nour Berrada, Manal El Kamali, Sahl El Khamkhami 
  • SAU VIE – Salma Aurhai, Salma Benrouyne, Fatema Ezzahra Chadly, Hiba Laaidi 
  • STEP IN KINETIC – Salwa El Bouzaidi, Aiman Mrizig, Abdelouahab Oulmati 


These three teams also won the following awards:

Borsa won Best Overall Financial Services for its innovative e-wallet service that promotes savings and investments among Moroccans. Their 2 additional corporate prizes were as follows: 

        1- Sponsored by HPS: Day Long Brainstorming at HPS Headquarters to Determine how to Power the Solution.  
        2- Sponsored by MNC, Legislation Support to personally introduce this team to the policy makers and legal advisors responsible for fintech legislation to accelerate their legal standing as an e-commerce innovation 

SauVie won the Award for the Highest Potential Impact on Health for an online concept that connects Moroccan citizens to emergency services such as ambulances, doctors, and clinics. 

StepIn Kinetic won the Award for the Most Genius Idea with the plan to add to the renewable energy grid by installing floor tiles that generate electrical current when stepped on - which is called the piezoelectric effect - in highly trafficked areas in Morocco, such as malls and sports stadiums. 

The Best Idea for Employability Award goes to Jobify, an online matching service enabling students to find part-time work while they are still at university. They also won a MASCIR Award to develop the technical innovation at the R&D HQ in Rabat: Ghita El Houssaini, Imane Al-Sakka, Abdelkader Benabd-el Hanine, Hiba El Harrak. 

The Best Quality Teamwork Award goes to GreenIn, who had the best teamwork on how to collect, sort, and sell recyclables. They also won the Prize to be incubated at the newly launched AFEM incubator in Casablanca and access to financing with CIH: Salma Harrak, Aya Benlarabi, Amine Laghmich 

The Award for the Most Accomplished project goes to MaxFix, who has already accomplished their goal of launching a business to service equipment in the Tangier Port: Nisrine Fathi, Wail El Aafi, Ahmed Bennani.  

The Award for the Most Business-Ready Innovation goes to SI Solution, who has a solution that is ready to go to market using Bluetooth and sound wave sensors that integrate warehouse management and inventory tracking: Oumnia Bassam, Jawhara Boullous, Noureddine Chayrrou. 

The Most Bold Award goes to CryptoSun, with an innovation on how to power the grid for crypto-asset servicing: Reda Benaddo-Idrissi, Reda El kourdi, Saad Souaidi. 

The Award for the Best Process Digitalization goes to TASEHIL, a plan to digitize pharmaceutical processes to accelerate speed and efficiency: Abderahman Andaloussi, Narjis Bendourou, Saber Rguibi 

The Most Pioneering Award goes to FastTrade, an innovation with using GPS tracking to track supply chain flows within major multinationals: Amine Erriade, Loubna Benslim, Rania Ouled Hassan. 

The Most Unique Empowering Awards goes to LawTech, an online service providing legal advice: Reda Benyassine, Kadiri Yousra, Bihi Raida. 

The Best Circular Solution Awards goes to UBQ, which brings a unique, biobased thermoplastic composite process from Israel to turn waste into useable materials for the car manufacturing processes in Morocco: Aya Senhaji Jihane Ouahib, Merwane Ait Mohamed. 

The Award for the Best Presentation goes to RenTeam, who provided the most articulate presentation on how to rent furniture to college students needing temporary housing in big cities: Nouhayla Rouzki, Hasnae Srayi, Othmane Benayad. 

An additional Incubation Prize was given to Dari MN Dari, an online business to bring home furniture shopping to the digital realm, at the newly launched AFEM incubator in Casablanca and access to financing with CIH: Abir Ben Seddik, Ikram Jaafar, Nada Bouafia.