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The International Conference on Advanced Materials, Microscopy and Energy

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The International Conference on Advanced Materials, Microscopy and Energy (ICAMME'24) was a must-attend event for researchers, industry professionals, and students. This prestigious conference offered a unique platform to learn from and network with over 300 international participants, including leading academics and industry figures. Both students and professors have gained insights from keynote lectures, oral presentations, poster presentations, and company presentations covering the latest advancements in materials science, microscopy, engineering, technology, and energy.

ICAMME'24, took place from May 28th to 31st, 2024, at the Faculty of Sciences - Moulay Ismail University Meknes Morocco. The conference languages that were used were both English and French. This exciting opportunity allowed everyone to be part of a dynamic and informative event! There were many submissions worldwide which allowed for contributors all around the world to discuss the Advanced Materials, Advanced Microscopy techniques and Energy,and  to discuss the current status and recent development in these areas. One of the speakers that gave very good insights, improvements, and information about the topic was Associate Professor Dr. Asmae Khaldoun, who represented Al Akhawayn University.  

Students and professors all around the world have participated in a specialized spring school on May 28th and 29th to delve deeper into advanced materials and microscopy techniques. This is your chance to present your research, discuss cutting-edge developments, and connect with world-class scientists from across the globe.