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The Ottomans ibbadi of Cairo, the new book of Pr. Paul Love, Associate Professor of North Africa, Middle Eastern, and Islamic History at Al Akhawayn University

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Paul Love recently gave a public presentation of his most recent book, The Ottoman Ibadis of Cairo (Cambridge UP, 2023) at the Columbia Global Center-Tunis.

There a full write up with pictures here:

About the Book:

Ibadi Muslims, a minority religious community, historically inhabited pockets throughout North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and the East African coast. Yet less is known about the community of Ibadi Muslims that relocated to Egypt. Focusing on the history of an Ibadi-run trade depot, school, and library that operated in Cairo for over three hundred years, this book shows how the Ibadi Muslims operated in and adapted to the legal, religious, commercial, and political realms of the Ottoman Empire from the seventeenth to early twentieth centuries. Using a unique range of sources, including manuscript notes, family histories and archival correspondence, Paul M. Love, Jr. presents an original history of this Muslim majority told from the bottom up. Whilst illuminating the events that shaped the history of Egypt during these centuries, he also brings to life the lived reality of a Muslim minority community in the Ottoman world.