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Picture of El Mehdi El Khachia

El Mehdi El Khachia

School - School of Business Administration Employment Status - Part-Time Office - Building 8B, Office No. 211 Office hours - N/A Office extension - (+212) 535-863-505
El Mehdi is a well experienced Transformation and Project manager for over 16 years. He has spent the last nine years in CAPGEMINI as head of a team of 320 resources (Across France, Morocco, Italy and India) from the Europe industrialization program providing high skilled leadership, project management, HR consulting, process enhancement, and best practices for group engagement managers and delivery heads. In 2021, El Mehdi is delivering specific emotional intelligence training, a program that he has designed and initiated for more than 90 managers worldwide. El Mehdi has an IT background with computer science engineering qualifications at a Moroccan leader Company in web technologies, before earning his transition into a project Management, a position that he successfully ensured by achieving high efficiency levels for his customers from different sectors (Public, finance, tourism, education, offshore and IT…etc.). El Mehdi graduated from AL AKHWAYN University with a bachelor’s in computer science, majoring in general engineering in 2006, then with an MBA in 2011. Today, El Mehdi is at the head of the Morocco L&D team and continues to shape and deploy training projects with a blend of business process and technical expertise to bring high end value to clients and teams. El Mehdi is also a part time lecturer in the school of business administration at AL AKHAWAYN, teaching MIS, GBU, and Management.