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Bachelor of Science in Engineering Decision Support Systems

School of Science and Engineering

Put your learning into practice

Gain invaluable real-world experience through hands-on course projects

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Decision Support Systems (BSEDSS) curriculum equips students with the necessary tools and knowledge to create quantitative models for use in decision–making, offering practical simulations of real-world scenarios.

Students gain proficiency in a varied array of numerical techniques and computer packages, empowering them to tackle any type of problem presented by business managers operating within diverse decision environments.

Develop innovative solutions that maximize efficiency

Gain an advantage through developing cutting-edge problem-solving techniques for organizations everywhere

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Decision Support Systems Became an asset

Became an asset to any company

As Morocco’s economy shifts to a modern, prosperous landscape, businesses are focused on making the most of their resources.

Simulation can reveal invaluable insights into what-if scenarios, while at the same time addressing significant issues in logistics, supply chain management, and manufacturing which all industries face.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Decision Support Systems Acquired Skills

Acquired Skills

Master Theory of:
  • Linear Programming (LP): Maximization and Minimization problems (Simplex Method);
  • Problems of Assignment and Allocation of resources;
  • Graph Theory applied to Decision Making.
Master practice to:
  • Understanding how to convert a real-world optimization problem, given in words, into a mathematical formulation;
  • Analyzing problems including the use of duality and complementary slackness;
  • Formulating mathematical and algorithmic solutions to network problems using graph optimization algorithms, branch-and-bound, and heuristic methods to solve general integer problems;
  • Using Matlab/AMPL programming for solving optimization problems;
  • Analyzing and interpreting results including complexity.
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Decision Support Systems Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the BSEDSS program can transform their knowledge into career opportunities, such as creating efficient processes through Optimization Engineering or formulating data-driven decisions with Decision Support Engineering.

The growing demand for high tech logistics and distribution solutions is just one area graduates may explore while Research & Development engineers are tasked with uncovering innovative techniques to improve operations in a variety of industries.

Science in Engineering Decision Support Systems Key Courses

Key Courses

In addition to Core Engineering and Management Courses,  the program consists of specialization courses including the capstone project:

  • Optimization and Operations Research;
  • Advanced Stochastic Systems;
  • Forecasting and Time Series;
  • Graph Theory;
  • Advanced Programming and Algorithms;
  • Industrial System Simulation;
  • Introduction to industry 4.0.
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Decision Support Systems Who can apply

Who can apply?

The program is open for graduates of Moroccan or International high schools interested in earning a degree in Engineering Decision Support Systems.

Usual criteria for admission to the School of Science and Engineering:

  • Baccalaureate in “Sciences Physiques et Chimiques”, “Sciences Maths A”, or “Sciences Maths B”, or equivalent secondary education with a focus on Mathematics, and (though not common) Baccalaureate in “Sciences et Technologies Electriques or Sciences Economiques.”
  • GAT or SAT.
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Decision Support Systems Catalog

BSEDSS Catalog

Take control of your future and browse BSEDSS's comprehensive catalog to begin planning out the semesters ahead.

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