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Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Bring out the best in employees and organizations

Gain the HR competencies required for success through problem-based learning

Employers are increasingly looking for individuals who can maximize employee potential and elevate organizational performance.

With a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development, students gain the knowledge to tackle these challenges head on, from courses such as Training & Development, Organization Design, and Career Counseling, to internships geared towards practical application.

Through experiences like problem-based learning methods and hands-on projects, aspiring HRD professionals develop the expertise needed to succeed in today's competitive job market.

Develop your expertise and hone valuable skills

Set yourself apart from other candidates looking for an edge in this ever-evolving field

Science in Human Resource Development Major core courses

Major Core Courses

  • Introduction to Human Resource Development
  • Ethics in Professional Contexts
  • Human Capital Management
  • Training & Development
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Social/Organizational Psychology
Science in Human Resource Development Some concentration courses

Some Concentration Courses

  • Strategic HRD
  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Consulting for HRD
  • Organization Development and Change
  • Needs Assessment and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Career management & Development
  • Global HRD
Science in Human Resource Development Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

With a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development, you'll be primed to begin an exciting career path.

Whether it's as an organizational development consultant helping companies reach their goals or a performance improvement specialist guiding them through challenging times, the potential for growth and employment is extraordinary.

Through this program, 79% of graduates have found success finding work across both public and private sectors within Morocco & globally.

Science in Human Resource Development Intended Learning Outcomes

Intended Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the BSHRD program are expected to:

  • Be able to understand HRD as a professional field of practice;
  • Master different HRD processes, tools, and techniques in the domains of training and development, organizational development, change management, and career development;
  • Be able to think strategically and apply different HRD practices to help an organization enhance its overall performance;
  • Acquire skills in developing human expertise through training and development, better organizational management practices, effective management development, and improved leadership;
  • Be able to perform effectively in the growing globalized market by understanding diversity, ethics, and social responsibility and their impact on management practices.
Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development Catalog

BSHRD Catalog

Take control of your future and browse BSHRD's comprehensive catalog to begin planning out the semesters ahead.

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What I loved the most about the HRD program is that I could transfer my knowledge from the theories seen in class, to real life projects - it is a practical-oriented program. This has contributed to the achievement of my goals and the enhancement of my career. None of this could have happened without the thorough supervision of my professors, as well as their expertise.

Marwa Oulad Touimi

Graduation class: 2018