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Employability & Entrepreneurship for Students

The E+E Office believes students have multiple futures

Our goal is that every graduate has multiple job or investment offers before graduation.

Our team connects the Moroccan and MENA markets to students throughout their AUI careers.

Whether you're looking to remotely work, start your business, or launch your career while at AUI, your E+E Office provides the connections you need.

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A place where inspiration finds you

Your 4-year plan for your futures

Discover your future tracking your progress year by year.

AUI Emplyability and entrepreneurship for Students plan


Co-op and Remote Work Programs

Are you looking for a way to gain hands-on experience in your field or try different areas of interest while a student at AUI? Or simply work to learn and make money while studying? Look no further!

Are you looking for remote work part-time so you can freelance while a student at Ifrane? We offer part-time work for students enrolled in the casa-semester program.

The E+E Office brings you exciting co-ops (Co- operative American-style work-while-at-school).

Applications open every Spring and Fall!

Al Akhawayn University’s Rabat Networking Launches with 14 organizations and 35 students

Entrepreneurial and Mentorship Events

Want to take your career to the next level? Our entrepreneurial and mentorship programs pair you with experienced professionals in your field of interest and provide you with valuable insights and guidance to help you reach your goals.

Whether you're looking to start a business or understand career options, our mentorship programs offer a unique and personalized experience to help you achieve success.

Success Stories

These stories give you a glimpse into the limitless possibilities that come with our E+E office.