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Master of Science in Big Data Analytics

School of Science and Engineering

Explore powerful data management and analytics techniques

Focus on learning by doing

Through the Master of Science in Big Data Analytics (MSBDA) program, students are given a comprehensive understanding of how to efficiently leverage large volumes and varieties of data.

Manipulating structured, semi-structured or unstructured datasets from web communities, clickstreams and other sources; this will allow them to create actionable insights that can strengthen customer relations, open new revenue streams and provide advantages in high-stakes competitive markets.

Gain a competitive edge in the digital economy

Unlock valuable insights to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the ever-evolving technology landscape

Master of Science in Big Data Analytics AUI Morocco

Cover Key Principles and Concepts of Big Data Processing

With a focus on learning by doing, the Master of Science in Big Data Analytics covers key principles and concepts of big data processing alongside major platforms and tools used for distributed storage, NoSQL models, resilient pipelining, model building through Machine Learning algorithms & Natural Language Processing.

Students get to apply their knowledge with case studies & final projects using both open source Apache software as well as proprietary technologies.

Master of Science in Big Data Analytics High-demand market

High-Demand Market

Data is quickly becoming an essential resource for enterprises and research labs striving to stay ahead in today's competitive landscape.

As such, Big Data engineering has become a crucial skill set needed by organizations looking to maximize their decision-making processes with data pipelines.

Unfortunately, there remains a significant shortage of qualified graduates ready to take on these roles, making it an ideal time for those interested in entering this field.

Master of Science in Big Data Analytics Acquired skills

Acquired Skills

The MS in Big Data Analytics program offers comprehensive training to equip engineers with the skills needed across all aspects of data analysis.

Graduates will become adept at setting up effective structures and pipelines for data processing, using advanced analytics tactics such as mining or statistical methods while dealing with various types of sources including web-based, textural or transacted information.

Master of Science in Big Data Analytics Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

A Master of Science in Big Data Analytics can kick-start your career, with potential roles such as Big Data Engineer, Architect or Analyst.

You may even find yourself leading Digital Transformation initiatives as a specialized consultant or project manager.

With these qualifications under your belt, you'll be well equipped to maximize data insights within any organization.

Master of Science in Big Data Analytics Who can apply

Who Can Apply

Professionals from a wide range of disciplines have the potential to benefit from Al Akhawayn University's Master of Science in Big Data Analytics program.

Individuals with backgrounds in Software Engineering or related fields, General Business/Management coupled with Computer Science knowledge, and Moroccan Universities graduates holding three-year (License) degrees in Maths and/or CS can all apply.

Successful applicants will join an evolving cohort that includes executives such as Big Data Engineers, Architects Analysts & Consultants, Digital Transformation engineers, Project Managers, etc.

In addition, those possessing relevant qualifications originating outside Morocco may need to pass an online foundation course before being accepted into the MSBDA Program.

Master of Science in Big Data Analytics Key Courses

Key Courses

For those looking to become an expert in Big Data Analytics, a Master of Science degree can provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills.

This program covers topics ranging from introductory concepts such as environment and applications, to data engineering and visualization used for web and text mining.

Additionally, delve into advanced analysis methods like descriptive statistics or machine learning techniques so that you’re fully equipped with all the tools needed for your future career endeavors.

Master of Science in Big Data Analytics Final Project

The Big Data Final Project

Through this professional project, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise by creating a Big Data pipeline that includes Machine Learning techniques.

This intensive three-month journey is supervised closely by faculty and industry/government professionals with both technical knowledge and practical experience.

Upon its completion, participants will showcase their skills through an informative report write-up that documents all aspects of the project’s development.

Master of Science in Big Data Analytics Catalog

MSBDA Catalog

Take control of your future and browse MSBDA's comprehensive catalog to begin planning out the semesters ahead.

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