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Master of Science in Software Engineering

School of Science and Engineering

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The innovative Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSSE) program is designed to build solid, specialized skills and provide breadth through chosen elective courses so students can quickly learn new technologies.

Totaling 30 SCHs, the MSSE requirements include four concentration courses as well as undergraduate-level equivalences for both CSC 3324 and CSC 3325 or a graduate-level equivalent in CSC 5302.

Completion options are either a 3 SCH project or a 6 SHC thesis.

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Master of Science in Software Engineering Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

In order to obtain a Master of Science in Software Engineering degree, students must complete relevant prerequisite courses and a total of 36 SCH in curriculum requirements such as concentrations (12 SCH) and approved electives (12-15SCH).

Additionally, the successful completion of either an MS Thesis or a Final Project is required.

Finally, achieving at least a 3.00 CGPA along with earning grades of B- or higher for all applicable courses is needed for the attainment of this esteemed degree.

Master of Science in Software Engineering Catalog

MSSE Catalog

Take control of your future and browse MSSE's comprehensive catalog to begin planning out the semesters ahead.

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