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Academic Advisors

Each student is assigned an Academic Advisor who will assist him/her to do his degree plan. The information about the name of your academic advisor can be found through your Jenzabar portal.

Program, Undergraduate, and Graduate Coordinators

You may also need to contact the Program Coordinators who are generally consulted when your regular advisor is unavailable, or when you are planning to go abroad for a semester.

Degree Plans

There is some flexibility in the order in which courses are offered as well as in when they are taken. You should be in close communication with the Center for Learning Excellence or your school program manager about your progress.

Course Offerings

SHSS offers courses for the University Common Core as well as courses relating to the three-degree programs. Most classes are offered on a regular basis. Please keep in mind that some alterations occur due to demand for the course as well as faculty availability. Consult the AUI Course Offerings for a given semester to see what is currently being offered.
For further details about the advising and the registration process, please consult the Advising Handbook, available in the office of Enrollment Services.

Consult the SHSS Course Rotation document for information about when specific classes are generally offered.

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A place where inspiration finds you