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Shuttle Services

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The AUI shuttle bus is a service offered by the University. An itinerary can be downloaded here, and we hope it will satisfy all AUI students and personnel. Bus services are offered under the regulations specified below:

AUI students

Tickets are available in the Campus Store and the Business Office at the rate of 2 Dirhams per ticket instead of 5, 10, and 15 paid to the cabs.

AUI staff and faculty members

Cards are available in the Business Office at a flat amount of 100 Dirhams per month. Subscription fees will be directly deducted from salaries.

For AUI technicians, security and cleaning agents, and all personnel whose salaries are below 3000,00 Dirhams:

Card costs are 50 Dirhams and are to be directly deducted from salaries.

For AUI personnel living in off-campus residences:

Transportation services are free of charge (they are part of the housing arrangement).

Anybody interested in this service should fill in the forms available at the Business Office to pick up their cards. You can download the Shuttle van schedules here.