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Student Activities Office

Word of the Director

There is more to the university experience than the classroom, and we are here for you!

The student activities office (SAO) offers different opportunities to all students to get involved with different programs and student organizations and pursue self-development and fulfillment.

Getting involved will not only allow you to develop your leadership skills, interact, learn with peers, discover your strengths, and unveil your skills but will also help you build your CV.

On behalf of the student activities office, also, I would like to express my gratitude to the different student organizations who have been enriching Al Akhawayn University community through their varied programs, activities, and events.

Our door is always open. You can stop by our Office, we would be more than happy to meet you.

In the meantime, please e-mail us at with any questions or concerns you may have.

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AUI Student Leadership Council SLC

Student Leadership Council SLC

The SLC serves as the governing body responsible for representing the student organizations of AUI. The SLC offers student organizations the necessary support for the achievement of their goals and sets a common ground for collaboration and cooperation among the different student organizations.  The SLC aims also at encouraging and promoting student participation in student life.

President: Douâa Jazouli
Vice president: Abdelghafour Mourchid
Secretary general: Aymane Elalami

AUI University Resources and Forms

Resources and Forms

Please click on the form or document you need below to view or download it:

General Event Organization

AUI University Rules And Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Please click here to view and download the Operating Guide for Student Organizations.

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1 - How can I join a student organization?

You can join by attending the club fair that is held at the beginning of every semester or attending the first general meetings. The schedule of the meeting is communicated to the community immediately after the club's fair.

2 - What if I don't find a student organization I am interested in?

You can launch a new club by the beginning of every semester.  All you need is motivation and commitment.

3 - How do I create and launch a new club?

All registered students have the right to create a student organization given that the club brings a new idea and a mission that does not overlap with an existing club. 10 founding members are needed to start the club, draft the constitution, elect an executive board, and decide on the club's advisor. More details are available in the Operating Guide for Student Organizations.

4 - How do I renew a dormant club?

All registered students have the right to renew a dormant club. All you need is 10 potential members, an updated constitution, and an advisor.

5 - Who could be the advisor of my club?

Any faculty or staff could serve as an advisor preferably willing to bring added value to the club Except for the SAO and DSA office staff. Advisors can only serve one club.

6 - How do I organize an event?

The SAO staff will guide you throughout the process of the organization from validation, and planning to evaluation and assessment. More details are available in the Operating Guide for Student Organizations.

7 - How do I advertise my event?

  • Facebook: The SAO facebook page is: Student Activities Office at AUI;
  • Labs Computer Screens: Student Clubs can contact SAO staff ( to post posters on the screens of the lab's computers;
  • GoAd! Platform (TV screens installed on campus): Student Clubs can contact Dev and Com staff ( to post posters on the TV screens installed on campus. It is recommended to have the poster in landscape format;
  • Happening at AUI: AUI’s centralized media channel is controlled by the Dev&Com department. Email should be sent to;
  • Emails: Student Clubs should send emails from the club's email accounts and not from their personal ones;
  • For student news, you should use the following address (and call the assistant of the DSA, ext: 2031):;

8 - How do I have my achievement recognized in a student activity transcript?

The Student Activity Transcript is issued to graduating students who have been actively involved in Student Organizations for at least three semesters. The executive board of the organization is responsible to submit the active member list to the SAO in order to be included in the transcript.

9 - What is the difference between a member and an active member?

A member joins the organizations and attends the first 2 regular meetings of the clubs whereas an active member is more active and is more involved, attends meetings and actively participates in at least 2 events by the club. A member has voting right and is part of the general assembly.

10 - How do we revoke a member of the executive board?

We advise all members to have constructive talks and candid confrontations. As a last resort, any officer may be removed from office upon a 2/3 popularity vote of eligible members during a general assembly. The officer I notified by writing of the possible termination at least 72 hours prior to the vote during which he/she is given the chance to defend his/her case.

11 - If a member of the executive board of my club resigns or leaves, how do elections go?

The remaining EB members have the right to directly nominate a qualified member with no need for a general assembly for new elections though we encourage the general assembly to meet and decide collectively.

12 - How about the budget of the club?

All recognized clubs benefit from an operating budget of 4000 DH per semester. Raised funds through fund raising activities are transferred to a cumulative budget that cannot be kept for more than 4 semesters if the club is not active.

13 - How would I use the club’s budget?

No financial commitment (promise of payment) is to be made without the consent of the Student.

Activities Office. Purchases and purchase orders must be made in accordance with the established university purchasing procedures. Cash purchases must be supported by receipts signed by the shopkeeper, tradesman, or service provider and must be within a limit of 200 MADs per purchase and not exceed 500 MDs per event or trip.

14 - Where can I get student organization forms?

All forms and resources are available above, at the "Resources and Forms" information.

15 - Whom do I contact if I have additional questions?

The SAO staff would be more than happy to answer your questions. You can write them to or stop by the SAO. They would be more than happy to meet you. Join the SAO Facebook page: to stay up to date.

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Chaimae Akkati
Chaimae Akkati

SAO Manager

Ext. 2013

Loubna El Ayachi
Loubna Elayachi

Student Events & Communication Coordinator

Ext. 3147

Ayoub Bounasser
Ayoub Bounasser

Student Engagement Officer

Ext. 4022

Driss Ouabbou
Driss Ouabbou

Clubs assistant

Ext. 4022


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