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Accreditation at AUI

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Institutional Accreditation

AUI embarked on its institutional accreditation journey back in 2010 and received its initial accreditation in November 2017 from NECHE (then NEASC.) This accreditation was granted to AUI for a period of 5 years, the maximum accreditation term possible for an initial accreditation. In March 2022, AUI was granted renewal of accreditation for the maximum reaccreditation period allowed of 10 years. While it is more common to receive two successive 5-year terms before the full 10-year term, AUI was found to be in substantial compliance with the standards of accreditation, as well as with the policies of the commission, and was thus granted the exceptional 10-year term immediately after its initial term of 5 years.

It is NECHE’s policy to require an interim, substantive, fifth year report from all institutions on a decennial accreditation cycle. AUI will submit this progress report in January 2027; but before that another progress report is due to NECHE in January 2024.

School and Programmatic Accreditations and External Reviews

School of Business Administration (SBA)

The BBA program has been accredited by EFMD (formerly EPAS) since 2011, with the latest re-accreditation granted in February 2022 for five years (the highest accreditation term possible). 


A midterm progress report is due in Spring 2024 with an account of the progress made along the identified areas of improvement.


The SBA received AACSB eligibility in May 2022. The school is currently working on its initial Self-Evaluation Report (iSER), with guidance from a mentor designated by AACSB. A first draft of SBA’s iSER is due in August 2023, with an onsite visit by the mentor tentatively planned in September 2023. The submission of the iSER will follow shortly after the mentor’s visit, in Fall 2023.


School of Science and Engineering (SSE)

SSE’s traditional programs have been accredited by ABET since 2010.


The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) was the first program to be accredited by ABET, followed by the Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Management Science (BSEMS) and the Bachelor of Science and General Engineering (BSGE).  


These programs are now at their third or second round of accreditation. The third accreditation round for the BSCS and the second one for both BSEMS and BSGE took place in January 2023 with the onsite visit of Computing and Engineering accreditation commissions. The school received the Program Audit Form “PAF” for the three programs, and their formal reaccreditation for the upcoming six years will become official after the ABET annual meeting that will take place in July 2023.  


School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS)

As there is no accrediting agency or body that reviews humanities and social sciences, SHSS conducts regular program reviews with the help of internationally recognized experts from peer and partner US institutions.

Thus, the Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development (BSHRD) was reviewed and validated by the Department of Human and Organizational Learning (HOL) at the George Washington University (GW,) the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies (BACS) by Northern Arizona University, and the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (BAIS) by the International Studies Association representing the University of Arizona and Indiana University.

The first two external validation cycles were conducted for the three programs in 2012 and in 2015-2016. The third cycle was supposed to take place in 2019-2020 but was delayed due to COVID.  It is now planned for spring 2024.

Language Center (LC)

The LC’s annual program reviews (APRs), conducted at the end of each spring semester, are among the most thorough and comprehensive program reviews at the University, dating back to 1996.

Since 2009, the LC’s English programs have been accredited by the CEA.

The latest CEA accreditation was in 2014, and the LC’s next re-accreditation is due in 2024.


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