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Alumni’s Child’s Discount

Undergraduate Admissions

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Eligibility Criteria

The University offers a 10,000 MAD discount on the fees of a regular semester (Fall and Spring) for each alumni’s child enrolled at AUI. This discount is offered only to our students who obtained their degrees at AUI. It is not offered to those who were enrolled for a limited number of semesters and then left AUI without a degree.


In order to apply for the alumni’s child discount, the candidate has to complete the Alumni Child’s Discount Form and submit it to the Office of Financial Aid before the registration period for the Fall or Spring semesters. This discount is not available during the Summer session.

Renewal Policy

The eligibility for renewal of this offer is similar to that of the financial aid. This discount is renewed only after careful reexamination of the recipients’ academic performance at the end of each semester. It is also used for a maximum of 8 semesters for undergraduates and 4 semesters for graduates with no possibility to apply for an extension for an additional semester. For more details, you can refer to the eligibility for renewal of financial aid.

Renewal Policy for Undergraduate Students

AUI Undergraduate Renewal Policy for Undergraduate Students

Renewal Policy for graduate Students

AUI Undergraduate Renewal Policy for graduate Students

Like financial aid, the alumni’s child discount amount should not exceed the cost of any credit left for both undergraduate and graduate students during their last semester(s) at AUI (like the one credit left for continuous registration or the three credits left for the internship). In the case of 1 credit for continuous registration, this discount is applicable only once.

Unlike financial aid, the alumni’s child discount is available to international students. Alumni’s child beneficiaries are also allowed to reside in a single room. Those on financial aid must be aware that this offer of 10000 dhs is already included in their financial aid package.

They are not allowed to combine this offer with any other form of discount (like scholarship, financial aid, sibling discount, or other….). Moreover, this discount is not effective on a retroactive basis.

Also, scholarship students meeting the alumni’s child criteria are not eligible to benefit from this discount unless they are placed on scholarship suspension.