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Master of Science in Human Resource Development

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

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AUI's Master of Science in Human Resource Development (MSHRD) program provides a unique opportunity for professionals to hone their skills and knowledge, allowing them to identify the individual and organizational capacities of employees.

Through creative learning experiences, students learn how to nurture leadership abilities, maximize collective intelligence and inspire business innovation - all essential elements necessary for achieving superior performance outcomes.

Gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources

Expand your skill set through exposure to cutting-edge concepts related to HR development

Master of Science in Human Resource Development Learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program can expect to be well equipped with a variety of skills, from understanding and participating in organizational strategic planning to designing human resources development strategies that support the successful attainment of organizational aims both domestically and internationally.

Moreover, participants will learn how to build effective human resource tools for capitalizing on knowledge systems as well as leveraging information technology's capability when it comes to implementing HRD practices across organizations.

Students will also possess the ability to analyze both financial and non-financial outcomes associated with human resources strategies, as well as effectively convey those results to a variety of stakeholders, promoting their involvement in HR development.

Master of Science in Human Resource Development Degree requirements

Degree Requirements

The 30-credit MSHRD degree can be completed in one calendar year. Students who need foundation courses (offered online) may take longer to complete the program.

  • HRD 5312 - Career Development and Talent Management;
  • HRD 5313 - Organizational Development and Change;
  • HRD 5314 - Strategic HRD
  • HRD 5321 - Leadership and Management Development
  • HRD 5311 - Consulting for HRD
  • HRD 5323 - Performance Management and Coaching
Master of Science in Human Resource Development Career opportunities

Career Opportunities

With the Master of Science in Human Resource Development, fresh graduates and seasoned practitioners alike can tap into their full potential to pursue leadership or management-focused roles.

This program equips participants with essential skills required for HRD Management, Leadership and Executive positions.

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