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Top-notch education based on an American system

AUI actively prepares first-class citizen leaders for local success as well as global impact

Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane is dedicated to providing an educational experience that prepares students for a global society. As a publicly funded institution with co-educational scope, the university promotes excellence and intellectual inquiry through its commitment to liberal arts curricula based on the American system of education.

In addition, Al Akhawayn upholds human dignity by fostering respect as well as internationality among both staff and students. Moreover, community engagement and service are objectives maintained across campus which allow it to serve Morocco while engaging with other nations around the world at large.

Give your children the best head start in their education

Al Akhawayn University is ranked Morocco's top university and amongst Africa's top 10

AUI University Employability Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Employability, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Our academic programs prepare our students for employment in their chosen fields anywhere in the world. Our liberal arts approach ensures that they also receive cross-disciplinary input to help them become more innovative and entrepreneurial leaders.

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AUI University Morocco Liberal Arts education

Liberal Arts education

America’s liberal arts education is renowned for its world-standard research productivity and the diverse intellectual and career-preparation advantages of liberal arts pedagogy.

Life-changing and nation-building journey AUI University

Life-changing and nation-building journey

AUI is the foundation of your child's future, providing a platform for self-discovery and growth.

With valuable education and real-world experience, AUI will equip them with essential skills to become well balanced professionals and successful entrepreneurs that are prepared for life’s challenges.

It is an opportunity for them to build meaningful foundations that will follow into their future endeavours.

AUI University The first non-US NECHE accredited university in Africa

The first non-US NECHE accredited university in Africa

In 2017, AUI was honored with prestigious accreditation from the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).

This international recognition is a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality education.

Students can now enjoy the benefit of receiving diplomas that are recognized around the world, making them highly sought after graduates in today's competitive job market.

Learn from the Best AUI University

Learn from the Best

At AUI University, students have access to some of the best teachers in the world.

Our professors are hand-picked, covering a variety of specialties like media systems, literature, and anthropology, each equipped with decades of experience that can help your children venture toward success in their chosen field.

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Take the initial step to securing a bright future for your child!

Start exploring career options and preparing them with the right tools today.

AUI Offers a uniquely safe and enriching learning experience

Feel secure in your children's well-being while they pursue academic excellence

Living at AUI Ifrane

Living at AUI

Al Akhawayn University provides an endless array of student activities to help build a well-rounded educational experience.

From astronomy, politics, and film clubs to sports and leadership development opportunities, AUI offers the ideal environment for students who are looking for more than just classroom learning.

Parents can rest assured knowing their children have infinite chances here at Al Akhawayn to grow emotionally and socially in safe surroundings.

AUI City of Ifrane

The beautiful city of Ifrane

Considered the second cleanest city in the world, Ifrane is a unique paradise waiting to be explored.

Located in Morocco's beautiful Middle Atlas mountains and just minutes away from town, students can discover its magical parks with cedar and oak forests and waterfalls teeming with wildlife, perfect for hiking excursions or horseback rides.

Imperial Fez and Meknes are just an hour away, while Rabat and Casablanca can be reached within two-and-a-half to three-and-a-half hours.

AUI security Ifrane


AUI's Security Department is committed to ensuring the safety and security of its students, staff, faculty members and visitors, as well as protecting all university property on AUI grounds

The scope of the Department goes beyond mere surveillance since it strives to prevent crime through active engagement with every aspect of life at AUI in order to guarantee safety and protect lives and property, ultimately cultivating a positive reputation within the university.

AUI Mosque Ifrane University

Religious life

AUI University in Ifrane celebrates the religious diversity of its community and works hard to foster a culture of peace, respect, and understanding.

Students have ample opportunities to participate in interfaith activities such as those hosted by student groups like Interfaith Alliance, which bridges gaps between various faith backgrounds while promoting mutual collaboration among students from all creeds.

Parents can rest assured their children will be able to grow in a safe setting where individual beliefs are valued regardless of differences.

AUI first year experience program

The First-Year Experience Program

Weekly seminars and regular events helps students integrate into AUI life and guides them through their degree and career planning.

An Introductory Orientation Program provides students with mentors, who are also AUI students, who guide new students in their choices concerning course specialization and the various facilities available on campus, listening to them and clearing up any doubts they may have in any area, thus helping them settle in, integrate and develop more easily and start the journey to becoming the best version of themselves.

AUI Center for learning Excellence

Center For Learning Excellence

The Center for Learning Excellence is dedicated to helping AUI students thrive in their academic pursuits. We strive to equip them with the skills and expertise needed to reach excellence through mentoring, tutoring services and specially tailored training programs.

This unique resource, certified by the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA), offers tutoring and mentoring services, coordinates different academic units, such as the Student Learning Services, Technology Learning Services, and Writing Services, and provides professional development through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) services.

AUI in Numbers

A place where inspiration finds you


Alumni who are working or pursuing their studies


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International Faculty


Employability in the first 6 months

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Need more information?

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Several diverse options are available to fit any specific learning style or interest, allowing each student to thrive in their academic endeavors

Admissions Office Mission

Admission & Outreach Services for students and parents

Provide the best education for your children

AUI is committed to admitting students with truly outstanding academic backgrounds into its competitive programs.

We are passionate about providing parents and their children with information on admission requirements, financial aid options, and educational pathways available at AUI.

To ensure a diverse student population in our institution we invest significant effort in recruitment efforts which culminate each July (Fall semester) or December (Spring semester).

Acceptance is contingent upon maintaining the standard of academic performance upon which admission was based.


A place where inspiration finds you

On top of an outstanding eductaion, AUI fostered creativity outside of the classrooms, providing me with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a leader in the market. Today, as a proud alumna, I can very sincerely say that being involved in thi community was one of my best life experiences.

Soukaina Khattab

Graduation Class: 2018

What I loved the most about the HRD program is that I could transfer my knowledge from the theories seen in class, to real life projects - it is a practical-oriented program. This has contributed to the achievement of my goals and the enhancement of my career. None of this could have happened without the thorough supervision of my professors, as well as their expertise.

Marwa Oulad Touimi

Graduation class: 2018


Accreditation is the seal of approval for an institution’s overall excellence.