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Presidential Internship Program

Experience the Moroccan culture and language

Experience AUI's American-style university located in the Middle Atlas Mountains

AUI is providing recent graduates the unique opportunity to experience Moroccan culture and language, nestled among its beautiful Middle Atlas Mountains. Located 45 minutes away from Fez - Morocco's spiritual capital – AUI’s campus provides a truly unforgettable setting for the Presidential Internship Program (PiP) launched in the Fall of 2016.

As an intern at AUI, you will gain a full year of valuable experience and receive tailored professional advice and guidance within your chosen unit. Furthermore, improving your knowledge through tuition-free courses is highly encouraged.

Other benefits of the PiP include rent-free housing, health insurance & access to onsite facilities, making this internship one not to be missed out on.

Meet the interns

Get to know the inspiring individuals selected for this year's Presidential Internship Program


Mona Belakbir, currently fulfilling the role of a Presidential Intern for Academic Affairs, brings a unique blend of cultural backgrounds to her position. Originally from the Sunshine State in the United States, Mona is of Moroccan origin. She holds a B.A. in Social Entrepreneurship from Rollins College, where her coursework ignited a fervent interest in international affairs. Through her academic journey, Mona has demonstrated a commitment to social impact and a keen understanding of global issues. Looking ahead, she aspires to further her education by attending a graduate program at AUI, building upon her academic foundation, and contributing to her pursuit of excellence in the field.


Kassandra LOZA

Kassandra AnahÍ Loza is a Presidential Intern for the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Originally from the city of Lake Station, Indiana, United States, Kassandra's culture is in the town of La Palma de Jesús, Michoacán, México, where their family roots are from. Kassandra attended and graduated from Saint Mary's College of Notre Dame, where they studied Gender and Women's Studies in addition to Global Studies. Kassandra loves traveling, journaling, dancing and when Bad Bunny comes on, Kassandra is in their element. They also love watching soccer and are a Chivas fan. Their passions lie in assisting those in need and creating equal opportunities for underrepresented groups. During their time here at AUI, they hope to understand the intricacies of university operations, aspiring to contribute to the enhancement of the institution.

Kassandra LOZA

Aisha Osman

Aisha Osman is the Presidential Intern for the Center for Learning Excellence (CLE), most specifically the Writing Center. She was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, USA, but has roots in Mogadishu, Somalia and Jigjiga, Ethiopia. Aisha attended Portland State University, from which she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She enjoys writing poetry, traveling and having thought-provoking conversations. During this internship, she hopes to learn more about Morocco and to leave a positive impact at AUI through reviving the Writing Center.

Aisha Osman

AUI Avant-garde

Work arrangements, stipend and benefits

Once settled, the Presidential Internship Program journey begins with their first day of work on 5th September 2022, followed by a performance review for continued employment at the end of December/beginning January. The program culminates on June 30, 2023, providing lasting memories from your unique experience as part of AUI's team.

A small stipend of 3000 MAD per month will be provided over the course of ten months and deposited directly into the intern's bank account on a monthly basis beginning September 30th, 2022 until one week before June 2023 consecutively, with no additional tax liability incurred by remaining outside U.S jurisdiction beyond 330 days or more.

Interns also receive a generous welcome and departure package of 500 Moroccan Dirham upon arrival followed by 2000 Dh when their contract is successfully completed in June 2023.

During the work week of Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 13:00 and again from 14:00 to 17:30, interns should remain flexible as some positions may require overtime or weekend commitment during busier times.


Opportunity for community outreach and exploration

At AUI, we are committed to connecting with our community and supporting the development of our interns.

As an intern at AUI, you will have access to up to four hours each week specifically dedicated to meaningful engagement within your local environment - following your own interests.

Your supervisor will help determine what activities make the most sense while engaging in personal growth opportunities or cultural exploration initiatives that benefit both yourself and those around you.


Academic benefits

Every semester, tuition-free courses are available as an option to broaden knowledge and hone skills within the subject area of interest.

Interns can also participate in lectures with renowned scholars – perfect for gaining insights on regional political or cultural aspects from seasoned professionals.


Health insurance

We are proudly taking the additional step of providing interns with an extra layer of security through clinic-based medical examinations and health insurance coverage.

To ensure maximum safety, we strongly recommend that all our interns acquire supplementary international coverage for a comprehensive protection plan.



A comprehensive yearly budget covers accommodation and basic upkeep costs, giving our valuable contributors the peace of mind they need.

For those who wish to stay beyond the summer period, their current residences are available until July 15th, 2023.


Travel opportunities and time off

AUI allows for 15 personal days off during your internship in addition to all national holidays. You can travel independently or join other faculty members on subsidized trips throughout Ifrane and Morocco.

With approval from your supervisor, student-arranged excursions are also available as well as a chance at joining new faculty member expeditions around the country.



AUI will ensure that interns' arrivals in Morocco are attended to, providing complimentary shuttles from the airport into Ifrane during academic terms.

Each intern is responsible for booking and acquiring their own return tickets back home.

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Contact information

For individualized assistance with specific queries, please don't hesitate in reaching out to any one of us.

Dr. Cherif Belfekih

Executive Director of the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

PiP Program Director

Dr. Cherif Bel Fekih
Imad Ghomri

PIP Program Coordinator

Imad Ghomri